The Not So Quiet Rantings of an Introvert

The Not So Quiet Rantings of an Introvert

The loud inner thoughts from a quiet introvert.

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The morning of an exam

I’m like:

When I made the mistake of putting my snapchat on tinder

For the next week I was like:

When Dustin Lynch came on stage

I was like:

Eating the food my little sister makes me


If you don’t like country, please excuse my next few posts. I went to the Iowa state fair and saw Dustin Lynch in concert! So please excuse the pictures and videos! If you like Dustin, then enjoy!

The Bee Movie rant

While in genetics this morning we were going over the topic of sex determining chromosomes. Bees were brought up due to the fact that they have a very interesting way that sex is genetically determined. As we were discussing it the Bee Movie came in my head and I realized how blatantly sexist that movie is. This may have been brought up before, but I just want to rant about it for a bit. I understand the concept of the movie, with it’s environmental undertones. Saving the bees is a very important message that we should be teaching, but while teaching it why did Dreamworks completely disregard science and the ways bees actually work? In the movie, the antagonist is a male bee named Barry. However, had Dreamworks stayed true to science it would have been a female bee. If Dreamworks would have stayed true to science most of, if not all of the characters would have been female. So why did Dreamworks have a mostly male cast? Were they afraid that it wouldn’t sell if the lead role was a female bee who ended up saving the world? Is that such an impossible thing to think of that they had to completely disregard the ways that bees exist to fill their needs? This greatly irritates me, and yes I know it’s not the newest film but it’s still new enough that it shouldn’t have happened that way.

As soon as it gets dark on the fourth of July


Hi guys! Sorry I haven’t posted much recently!! So sorry! I’ve been really busy recently and I haven’t had a chance to pop on my laptop in awhile! Anyways, I just got to 300 lovely followers today and I just really wanted to thank all of you! I love you all very much! If you’re ever curious about anything please ask me! I’m in Wisconsin for the week to see my brother and meet his wonderful girlfriend, I’m sure I can post some rants soon after I return home! Again I love you all, and thank you for sticking with me through all my crazy hiatuses!